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Rich Birch is the founder of unSeminary and we are excited to have him on this episode. Rich has a wealth of knowledge and we can't wait for you to hear him chat about setting up volunteers to succeed, the importance of communication and great ideas for thanking volunteers!


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Recommended Reading

The Volunteer Project: Stop Recruiting Start Retaining by Darren Kizer, Christine Kreisher and Steph Whitacre

 Church Growth Flywheel: 5 Practical Systems to Drive Growth at Your Church by Rich Birch



Changing the Way You Do Ministry

  • Ask questions and find out what other churches and leaders do
  • Consider how you could reach more people so they come to know Jesus

 Moving People Forward

  • Embrace change; leaders should be moving people to somewhere new
  • Volunteers push a ministry forward
  • Look at how this experience will benefit the people we lead and explain why it’s so important
  • Be aware that we underestimate the time it takes to get things done; stick to it because change takes more than one season
  • Consistent effort in the same direction over time yields amazing results

Getting Volunteers to Stick and Stay

  • Remember to communicate and encourage
  • Create a volunteer care team run by volunteers
  • Provide coffee, breakfast and/or lunch
  • Surprise and delight people
  • Offer food or drinks on occasions when they’ll be serving for a long time
  • Thank volunteers regularly
  • Understand their love language; not everyone feels appreciated by a thank-you card, so consider what works best for them 
  • Be creative: think outside the box and create a story or memory

Finding New Opportunities

  • Recognize that volunteers can serve not just on Sundays but throughout the week
  • Find ways that people who aren’t available on Sundays can serve at other times
  • Look at new opportunities to serve (e.g., digital media that drives people to the church’s website or database management that keeps people from slipping through the cracks)

Creating a Healthy Team Atmosphere

  • Find out what volunteers are looking for (e.g., building or strengthening relationships)
  • Make serving experiences more relational
  • Provide information and structure that sets people up to succeed (e.g., what to wear, where to park, time to arrive, basic training)
  • Have co-leaders: one to be relational and one to be structural

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