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We are excited to have Shawna Lester. Shawna is the Director of Family Ministry/Interim Midland Campus Pastor at Connexus.  She is going to share with us some amazing tips on serving weekly, keeping healthy and crazy fun things to try. 


Connect with Shawna




Start with Small Steps to change the culture

  • Gather a few to get on board and have them help others to catch the vision
  • Develop weekly roles and roles for those that can’t,
  • Help them find the best role that fits them
  • Try 8 to 10 weeks to start for Elementary and younger, middle school and highschool is a longer commitment
  • Attend one and serve one

 Coaches - build up some coaches that will build up your team and check to see how everyone is doing.

 How much is too much, ways to stay healthy

  • Watch for disengagement, passion and enjoyment lacking or dwindled
  • Arriving late
  • As the leader make sure you check in
  • Notice how often people are serving and where

 How to implement crazy fun ideas

1st Filter through the mission of your church and ministry

In Children’s ministry:

  • Does this help small group leaders win?
  • Does this help families win?
  • Does this help new people attending?

Adults or whole church:

  • Make sure it’s reasonable and executable
  • Practical for the space
  • Think outside the box
  • Consider the barriers and ways to work around them

 Ways to Encourage Volunteers

  • Celebrate major holidays
  • Send thank you cards
  • Candy
  • Breakfast?! Or treats
  • Good coffee
  • Make sure you remove barriers to serving
  • Provide a space for the kids of those that are serving
  • Invest in them as people

 Connecting with families

  • Realize you can’t meet them all at once every week, plan to meet one family a week
  • Send out Birthday cards
  • Calling and talking to parents
  • Ask about up coming events

 Share the wins!!

  • Share with others that are serving
  • Share with the families
  • Celebrate the wins!

 One Thing to Remember!

 Every person has a Place!

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