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We are excited to have Dave Lane as our first guest.  Dave is Pastor of Youth and Family at Temple Baptist Church in Sarnia. In this episode, he shares some valuable and practical ways to reach young people, based on his 30 years of youth ministry experience. 


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Sonlife's disciple-making training takes you back to the model - Jesus Himself - so you can do what He did

Remix Conference is a week-long interactive and hands-on urban mission experience designed to equip, train and inspire young leaders to 'center their lives within the mission and message of Jesus'. 

Student Leadership University teaches each student practical and relational life skills to change the way they think, dream and lead at the feet of Jesus.

 Recommended Reading

an Unhurried Leader: The Lasting Fruit of Daily Influence by Alan Fadling



 3 Basic Needs

God made us with 3 basic needs:

  1. Secure love
  2. Significant purpose
  3. Strong hope

 Listen More

  • James 1:19 urges us to “be quick to listen”. We should listen twice as much as we speak!

 Show Teens They’re Worthwhile

  • Spend time with students to show them they’re significant
  • Tell them we believe in them because they need to hear it
  • Be real and authentic with them
  • Earn the right to speak truth to them
  • Provide strong hope and make sure they’re anchored to something strong

 Help Youth Recognize God-Given Abilities and Experience God

  • Encourage them to serve in their church and community
  • Go on family missions trips
  • Lead by example; push them by leading them 

 5 Step Process to Lead Young People

  1. I do, you watch
  2. I do, you help
  3. You do, I help
  4. You do, I watch
  5. You do it yourself

 Use Your Influence

  • What we do has more of an impact than what we say
  • “Be prepared to give an answer” (1 Peter 3:15)

 Connect with “Checked Out” Youth

  • Have a non-judgemental conversation with someone who’s walking away
  • Lead by your own example
  • Love them
  • PRAY!

 One Thing to Remember!

Prioritize people over programs: programs are designed as a way to reach people

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